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Cosmic Death Entity SXUPERION

Cosmic Death Entity SXUPERION Quantum-level chaos ensues as doom-laden death and ethereal madness are brought forth on May 3 with the release of SXUPERION's Endless Spiritual Embodiment. The new album from multi-instrumentalist (and Valdur drummer) Matthew will be released through Bloody Mountain Records.
Track Listing

1. Sacred Chamber of Enlightenment
2. Phallic Point of Periapsis
3. Negative Interior Intersection
4. Supposition Course
5. Infinite Ethereal Vault
6. Endless Embodiment

Irreligious mastering by Sean at the Ritual Room.

Cosmic cannon battery recorded live at the Bloody Mountain Bunker.

All other gamma-ray burst instruments recorded at the Bloody Mountain Bunker and Canyon Lodge studio.

All control panel mixing completed at Canyon Lodge studio.

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    March 22, 2019

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