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Guitarist Frankie C.

Guitarist Frankie C. "Cellular Damascus" is an instrumental solo project that came to light after Caracci’s win on season one of “Shredders of Metal” presented by Banger TV. Technical, groovy and energetic, "Cellular Damascus" lets the listener focus on the guitar work that he takes great pride in orchestrating.

“I want fans to have fun listening to it. I wanted to create interesting melodic phrases but still have heavy riffs to headband along with, shred hard but not lose sight of the music and try to have a clear mix where things aren’t overly processed but all instruments/parts are still clear and audible.”

Working consciously on each track, the scene for the album is a suspenseful set with “So It Begins” and concludes majestically with “Fall Of The Hammer”. All four tracks on this debut flow together and show off excellent musicianship. Excited to be focusing on more solo work in the future, Caracci has confirmed another release in the future.

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    March 19, 2019

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