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Departure Chandelier...Re-Release..."ANTICHRIST RISE TO POWER"

	Departure Chandelier "ANTICHRIST RISE TO POWER"
Departure Chandelier’s music shimmers with the aesthetic ardor of apotheosis.Recorded nearly a decade ago, Departure Chandelier’s debut album, Antichrist Rise to Power, actually preceded the band’s demo, The Black Crest of Death. One hears the heavy influence of Bathory and other seminal acts overwritten by the sound of classic French black metal, such as Osculum Infame, Bekhira, Chemin de Haine, Cantus Bestiae, and Machiavel.

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Tags:  Departure Chandelier Blackened Death/Thrash InternationalRe-Release"ANTICHRIST RISE TO POWER"

    December 28, 2018

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