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Italy's Total Metal Festival Canceled

The 2013 Edition of the Total Metal Open Air Festival has been canceled. A statement from the creator Luigi Pisanello reads as follows:

“I'd like very much that everybody is well informed about this matter because I, along with all the staff of the festival, is and will always be very grateful for the estimation and the support we receive from our audience every year, and then I want to be sure that everyone fully understands our valid reasons. Generally the decision stems from the fact that has always been our preferred politics not to do something, rather than to do it with mediocrity. The problems began when, just over a month ago, the band which we booked even since last December and promised to sign our contracts soon, after an exhausting and continuous postponing the formalization of participation at the festival though always confirming their intention to do so, contrary to what has been promised, in the end they noticed us their decision not to make their European tour anymore opting for another tour in another part of the world which they decide was most important and profitable. In practice, for a mere matter of interests they didn't hesitate to fail at their word betraying our trust! This immediately put us on alert because, given that the scheduled date for the festival was on July 13, we were afraid of not having enough time to reorganize our main attraction. That's why, after fast reflections, we had decided to move the festival in September to have more time to work properly. At the same time we decided to wait a few weeks before announcing the postponement in order to announce at least one major band along with the new date. But unfortunately, despite the postponement and our immediate immersion in a highly concentrated research work, none of the names now available on the market for that period (within the limits of our budget, of course) was at the height of our projects. Unfortunately, the vast majority of good artists have their own calendars arranged many months in advance. Our partner agencies have made us so many names, even fairly prestigious globally, however none of these would put the festival at the same level it had in the original project and, instead of taking “just” what was available, we clearly weighted and made the difficult decision to take a year off and begin already to focus for the 2014 Edition.

Needless to point out that one of the main reasons why we opted for this solution was not to disappoint the expectations of everyone absolutely! We are very proud of the consideration that the audience has had from the beginning for our work and, in compliance with our promises, we prefer not to go backwards, but rather stop for a round. Hoping to soften a bit the sad news, we inform everybody that in our forge the project TMF2014 is already started and this time we are all absolutely convinced to require official deals to all our meaning bands within the appropriate times so we'll have everything under control at least five-six months in advance!”

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    May 24, 2013

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