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HUMAN FACTORS LAB Working On New Album With Chris Vrenna

Industrial Metal band Human Factors Lab has begun work on a brand new album entitled "The Suicide Diaries". They have teamed up with grammy award-winning musician/producer Chris Vrenna, best known for his work in Tweaker, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Unlike traditional albums of the past, the band is taking a unique approach and releasing the album in 4 parts as EPs over the course of the next year. The first installment is called "The Blade." It features 3 new original songs "I AM...," "As The Church Bell Chimes," and "Dead to us All" as well as a cover of the Jefferson airplane song White Rabbit (featuring guest vocals by Nero of Psyclon nine, Cindy Jo Dietz, and Model/musician Toni Darling, best known for her cosplay of Thor and Lady Death) The EP is also said to include remixes by Trioxin,Chris Vrenna,Psyclon Nine,and Christian Menses of Psychotica. The EP is due out late October 2012 with tours in Nov/Feb and March to support its release.

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    September 28, 2012

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