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Pandie Suicide goes raw with Blue Felix and Mary Magdalan

I've just arrived in Chicago this minute with Blue Felix and Mary Magdalan. We're about to get ready for radio interviews, meet and
greets and of course, a killer show tonight at Reggie's with Fashion Bomb and some other local

Last night was Maplewood, Minnesota, Blue Felix's territory, and the show, featuring Screaming Mechanical Brain, Gabriel and the Apocalypse and Samsahra as local supports for the BF boys, Mary Magdalan and myself as hostess, on this crazy, awesome, System of Freaks tour. The show was PACKED to the hilt, it was our biggest show yet, and the crowd was completely all about it.

So being their hometown, Toxsick Tripp, lead singer of Blue Felix, took us all out for some
Hibachi at their favorite hibachi spot the day after the show to celebrate. Restaurants that
serve Japanese foods are pretty good for vegans and vegetarians, there is usually something
you can eat. While not quite 100% raw, sushi, so long as it's avocado roll, or vegetable roll
or something similar is pretty safe, but as I discovered the first time I visited this restaurant
with those BF guys, that all the food they cook on the grill is slathered in butter, including the
vegetables, the fried rice contains fried egg unless you request otherwise, and of course it's all
cooked on the same grill as the meat and fish. So chat to your hibachi chef if you want to try
hibachi but you're a vegan.

After the food, Gzuz of Mary Magdalan was treated to an amazing surprise. As it had recently
been his birthday, we alerted the Hibachi staff when he stepped out to take a call, on his return,
madness ensued. Half the staff came out singing with tasty looking (though not vegan) banana
and cream treats an d a giant mask which was placed on the birthday boy's head. We could not
stop laughing.

Our hibachi chef then made balloon animals for Toxsick and gave Jizm of Mary Magdalan as
much cooking sake as he could take. I'm pretty sure our chef was drunk the whole time, but he
was absolutely and completely hilarious, as well as a great chef.

In a previous interview I did with Blue Felix, I asked them, what's one thing that nobody knows
about Blue Felix? They told me "we love hibachi" it's true and I'm pretty sure that now goes for
not only Blue Felix, but myself and probably Mary Magdalan too.

Be sure to catch
Blue Felix and Mary Magdalan on tour.

Also check out Pandie Suicide's Raw/Vegan blog at

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    July 07, 2010

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