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Top 10 Satanic Bands

If you think Slipknot should be on this list, please get your music fix from a site like Below you will find the best satanic metal bands around.

10. Burzum

They are one of the most infamous bands of the black metal scene. Burzum was created by Varg Vikernes, in 1991 in Bergen, Norway. In 1993, Burzum became famous for something more than their dark music style. The lead singer, Varg was convicted and imprisioned for the murder of his bandmate and guitarist Ųystein "Euronymous" Aarseth. Varg was also convicted and tried for the arson of churches in Norway. Not wanting to be held back by this Varg also recorded two albums while he was imprisioned: Dauši baldrs (1997) and Hlišskjįlf (1999).

9. Beherit
The band's name means 'Satan' in Syriac. They are a wicked black metal band from Finland. Formed in 1989, their music embodies what the lead singer calls, "...the most primitive, savage, hell-obsessed blackmetal imaginable." Band members, Holocausto, Black Jesus and Sodomatic Slaughter are known for their ambient style, their raw metal sound, deathcore and black metal . They are also known to have live shows which include pig heads and goat heads upon their stage. In they released three demons, Seventh Blasphemy, Morbid Rehearsals, and Demonomancy.

8. Deicide

7. Acheron
The Black Pope himself (Anton Szandor LaVey) declared ACHERON to be one of the few real Satanic bands in the world in his last published book "SATAN SPEAKS".

6. Dark Funeral
5. Gorgoroth
4. Dissection
3. Venom
2. King Diamond
1. Mercyful Fate

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    January 04, 2010

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