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The Key Club pending

Further proof that Los Angeles hates metal; It looks like one of the best places to catch a show on the strip may be shutting it's doors at the end of this month. Just a month after the Knitting Factory down the street closed, it looks like the The Key Club may have the same fate. Shows are in the process of being relocated, most have been picked up by the House of Blues Sunset and the Key Club has cleared its calendar after this month. With lagging ticket sales, a poor economy, an AWOL house booking agent and many shows with less than 50% ticket sales, the club felt it best to not renew its lease. I am truly saddened.

**UPDATE** The Key Club has contacted The gauntlet and left a message that they are still working with investors to keep the lights on. Our spies at the Key Club have also said that although things are grim, there is still hope that a last minute deal will be made to save and re-vamp the club.

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    November 10, 2009

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