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MASTER issues U.S. tour update

Veteran death metal band MASTER, currently on tour across the United States in support of their new album Slaves to Society (on Ibex Moon), have posted an tour update online.

A statement from bassist/singer Paul Speckmann reads: "The tour began after I arrived in Philadelphia. As always there were problems from the get go. After arriving in the USA, the airlines sent my guitar to Chicago and my bag elsewhere. I had to visit the airport twice the following morning to find the stuff. With all the governmental control here, you have to wonder how this could happen. Anyways, the practicing began with Alex Bouks and Rustin Grosse the following morning. We rehearsed three days and began in Pittsburgh. It was a cool turnout for the rehearsal show, and the energy from the crowd reminded me what I missed about America. At all the shows over the last week, the old school diehards have been showing up. People are supporting Master, buying the merch etc. It's a bit different to say the least driving around in a van, but that's the American underground. If I could say anything bad or negative, it's only that many times food is an issue and/or how often we are waiting in front of the club for the local promoters. Of course this is nothing new because this was the same back in 1996 when I toured here last. I have to thank Ibex Moon and Matt Bishop for their efforts and support in this endeavor. Too bad our driver Mike quit after his old lady called him home. I suppose touring is not for everyone. See you out on the road."

A cool MASTER tour page - with music, tour dates, photos and bio -- has been created for the tour. Please check it out here:

The rest of the band's tour dates are:

October 23, 2008 The White Rabbit - San Antonio, Texas
October 24, 2008 The War Legion - Amarillo, Texas
October 26, 2008 The Knitting Factory - Hollywood, California
October 27, 2008 Elbo Room - San Francisco, California
October 29, 2008 The Riot Room - Kansas City, Missouri
October 30, 2008 The Canopy Club - Urbana, Illinois
October 31, 2008 Uncle Pleasent's - Louisville, Kentucky

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    October 24, 2008

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