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HELLMOUTH Inks Deal With Ferret Music

With nods to bands like CELTIC FROST, BLACK FLAG, VENOM, BLACK SABBATH and DISFEAR, Hellmouth is drawing from its members' past while carving its own disgusting sound. Hellmouth's grim reality could only have been spawned from the likes of Detroit. With the worst economy in the country, corrupt politicians and TED NUGENT, it's no wonder the members band's music turned out this raw and punishing. The band have sold out of their nine song demo released earlier this year and are currently writing for their Ferret debut to be released later this year.

Speaking on the signing Alex from the band said "Ferret's a mature label that can really help us out with publicity, shows and most importantly getting our music heard by as many people as possible. On the flipside, I think our diligence as a band will in turn help ferret by pushing Hellmouth into the public as much as possible. and most importantly by recording a fucking evil monster of an album."

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    August 25, 2008

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