This Is Why Guitar Hero Was A Bad Idea

Dragonforce (2011) In the video below, you will see the effects of Guitar Hero on today's musicians. The teen rockers probably just completed easy level on their PS3 and then thought they were musicians capable of pulling off the hardest riffs that Jari Maenpaa's of Wintersun ever penned. They decide the next logical step was to form a band. Upon arriving at Guitar Center, they were greeted by a friendly staffer. As they explained they were starting a band, the staffer managed to hold in his laughter long enough to show them the latest model of Gibson guitars. The three lads looked awkwardly at the staffer as the guitar was much heavier and larger than they were used to, plus it had strings. They made the purchase with mom's credit card and commence practicing. After 30 minutes of practice and a plate of mom's tuna fish sandwiches with the crusts cut off, the consensus was they rock! They enrolled themselves in the local school talent show, the birthplace of all great bands.

The big day arrives and the band takes the stage. Sadly the tonedeaf tweens clad in sparkly clothes from Justice threw up the horns in approval following the worst song butchering of a Dragonforce tune ever. Enjoy...and fuck you Guitar Hero!
Thanks shreddit for bringing to my attention...I think.

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Date: Sep 18, 2011
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