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Múspellzheimr's monolithic third album " Raukn" is here

Múspellzheimr Only the purest and most traditional black metal is utilized within this idiom; however, the band's vision - and those of their close comrades - is boundless, thus making the "old" new and vice versa, like the ouroboros forever devouring its tail. Múspellzheimr's majestic, mystical black metal is much like that: starkly vast, circular, hypnotic, buried deeply in the abyss, both in the physical and spiritual senses.

Bursting from the void in 2014 with a quick succession of two demos, Múspellzheimr made their bolt-from-the-blue full-length debut with Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme, a veritable Ground Zero for this exciting development within black metal's deepest underground (and which largely revolves around the Afgrundsvisioner nebula of predominantly Danish and Swedish artists). From there, it would be two years of silence until their second album arrived. Titled Nidhöggr, the album would be Múspellzheimr's first record in conspiracy with Amor Fati, and proved to be an equally staggering display of elite black metal mysticism.

A year later, in 2018, Múspellzheimr's third album arrived, bearing the title Raukn. However, it would only see digital release through Afgrundsvisioner's Bandcamp and in an extremely limited self-released cassette version. At last, Amor Fati endeavors to shine a blacklight on this mesmerizing work by releasing it in the physical formats it so deserves.

Raukn sounds much like its cover art looks - ghostly, shimmering, maybe even a bit green (if we're speaking of the natural world). Its recording style is distant yet still tangible, conveying a feral physicality that somehow possesses gentleness or at least nuance; of course, the atmosphere is only intensified by this idiosyncratic choice of production. But, as always with Múspellzheimr, it's their strident command of dynamics which truly makes Raukn the all-consuming experience that it is, swirling the listener into a delirium of gauzy, glowing obsidian, a hazy fever-dream that's impossibly vast, making manifest those thematic mysteries of nature and the beyond. Which is all to say nothing of Múspellzheimr's melodicism, which hits a bewitching apex on Raukn.

Múspellzheimr's name has already been etched into modern legendry, but with the long-overdue physical release of Raukn shall it reverberate further, and forever.

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    August 16, 2019

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