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UFO album cover   Band Name: UFO
Album Name: Chrysalis Years 1973-1979
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Label: Chrysalis Records
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5 disc box set spanning 1973-1979

I can't decide if I want to gear this review towards the UFO fans, reminding them of all the awesome that this one band has managed to create over the last 42 years. Or if I want to entice new fans to listen to one of the greatest and most influential bands ever.

Perhaps I should break it down?

Newbie Review:
UFO is a Melodic British rock band that has 21 records under their belt. This box set contains 6 of those albums and honestly has some of their best work on it. The albums are in chronological order and has a bonus live concert added from '74. There will be a few songs you will already know like "Doctor Doctor" that was also covered by Iron Maiden.
It's a lot of music to digest- but will make you that much more metal for listening to it.

UFO lovers review:
So maybe the "Visitor" album left a bad bluesy taste in your mouth? You want Schenker back and refuse to like them now without him? You already have these albums in this box set, why buy a new one? First, let me say that you will get back your Schenker in his prime! This new box set contains NEVER BEFORE heard songs that will make you weak! This isn’t one of those shitty "filler" albums where all they just put multiple copies of the same song done first Live and then the 'in studio' versions. Its 81 tracks of some of the best that UFO ever offered.

The main reason you should buy this record… you NEED to hear the 1974 concert at Atlanta's Electric ballroom, as well as BBC radio sessions! There is nothing like hearing your favorite band as they were heard in the 70's!

All in all This is an amazing set, having all 6 original albums from "Phenomenon" to "Strangers in the Night", PLUS a previously unreleased 46 min live set from '74, and several alternate recording sessions and radio edits makes this the best buy for anyone seeking to add to their musical library.

Review by: Brandy Jarrett

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