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Forsaken album cover   Band Name: Forsaken
Album Name: Anima Mundi
Rating: 3.5 / 5       User Rating: 0 / 5
Label: Golden Lake Productions
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  • Kindred Veil
  • Sephiroth
  • The Poet's Nightmare
  • Whispering Soul
  • The Eyes Of Prometheus
  • Carpe Diem
  • All Is Accomplished

  • Doom fans rejoice! Not since the days of the mighty Candlemass and Trouble has there been an album that represents the true emotions of doom such 'Anima Mundi'. Lumbering, crunching riffs fuel ultra-heavy rhythms which are accented by powerful melodic vocals. Leo Stivala manages to capture the proper vocal tone for this style of music, imparting a cold, hollow emotion laden with deep despair. 'Kindred Veil' is monolithic, dragging the listener through a field of sorrow as melodic guitar strains ring in dark harmony. The chilling 'Sephiroth' seethes with the very energies that made the first Candlemass album so awe-inspiring. A brief interlude follows with 'The Poet's Nightmare', which features a dark spoken word passage that serves to further enhance the record's sense of utter doom. These Maltese metallians aim for maximum forcefulness, keeping the overall tone majestic and filled with woe on 'Whispering Soul'. Flanged-out guitars and bass tones signal the arrival of 'The Eyes Of Prometheus', a monster of despair which clocks in at almost eleven minutes in classic doom fashion. Into the third minute, a foreboding lick kicks in that emboldens the track with a sound that sounds like the blackest Sabbath merging with the melodies of early Trouble. A ripping set of guitar solos that fade with wailing vibrato further add to the strains of misery, helping to make this skullcrusher the hands down heaviest cut on the album. Forsaken have created a hugely emotional album of doom the way it was meant to be that will stir your soul with a haunting spirit. This is mandatory listening for any fan of the aforementioned.

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