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Sixx: A.M. album cover   Band Name: Sixx: A.M.
Album Name: The Heroin Diaries
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Label: Eleven Seven Music
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1. X-Mas
2. Van Nuys
3. Life Is Beautiful
4. Pray For Me
5. Tommorrow
6. Accidents Can Happen
7. Intermission
8. Dead Man's Ballet
9. Heart Failure
10. Girl With Golden Eyes
11. Courtesy Call
12. Permission
13. Life After Death

"Nobody wants to die in Van Nuys" is the epic cry from Sixx A.M singer James Michael on the song 'Van Nuys' off of the 'The Heroine Diaries', the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx's book of the same name. After 'The Dirt' explored Motley Crue's wild career and then Tommy Lee released his personal story 'TommyLand' it seems it is now Sixx's turn to delve deeper into his personal tale. And this is when the story gets really dark. Sixx explores the bleakest days of his heroine addiction during the height of the bands success.

The album starts with the haunting Tim Burton-esque intro 'X-mas in Hell.' The track includes Sixx reading an excerpt from his dairy on Dec. 25th 1986 when he hid alone in his mansion in Van Nuys with a needle in his arm while curled up naked under the Christmas tree. Then comes the song clearly inspired by the same event 'Van Nuys'. Many Crue fans may be surprised at the beautiful, introspective nature of the music on this album, but it is completely appropriate given the subject matter. Each song has a distinctly modern rock sound, not surprising since Sixx has been a producer and songwriter for bands like Saliva. Collaborating with James Michael, who has written and produced for everyone from the Scorpions to Hilary Duff, and DJ Ashba, who was a founding member of Beautiful Creatures. Sixx has got some damn good, if not even catchy, rock songs here.

The first single 'Life is Beautiful' is uplifting if not oddly haunting as Michael croons the lyrics "just open your eyes; And see that life is beautiful/ Will you swear on your life/ That no one will cry at my funeral" during the chorus with his smooth modern rock voice. 'The Girl With Golden Eyes' is a ballad to the fullest extent, and definitely a hit, the bridge with Sixx reading from his diary about when he was first sober, over the epic music, is sincerely poignant. All of the music is very well played, with bluesy guitar solos, piano interludes and even classical build-ups. 'The Heroine Diaries' has a Pink Floyd 'The Wall' quality to it the way each song builds up and tells a story especially 'Courtesy Call' which even has dialog going on in the background like in Floyd's 'One of My Turns'.

If your not expecting a Motley Crue album and you listen to 'The Heroine Diaries' with an open mind, I guarantee you will love it. It is a very innovative idea to have a soundtrack for a book rather than a movie; it lets the listener/reader conjure their own images in their mind. But the album stands on it's own too and you don't have to read the book to appreciate it.

Review by: Colette Claire

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