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Dexter Danger album cover   Band Name: Dexter Danger
Album Name: Hellafornia
Rating: 3 / 5       User Rating: 0 / 5
Label: Lava Records
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1. No Disgrace Like Home
2. Trainwreck
3. The Rise and Fall of Erica Vallejo
4. System Overload
5. Alta Mesa Drive
6. Far Away
7. Honor Amongst Thieves
8. Return to Sender
9. Promises
10. The Angel That Got Away
11. Modern Day Sid and Nancy
12. See You In Hell

“Hellafornia” is much like the reincarnation of Green Day’s “Dookie” record. Dexter Danger tap into a similar vibe right off the bat with “No Disgrace Like Home.” This track is driven by a hard-edged riff that provides a solid foundation upon which vocalist Aymen Trouble lays down a popish vocal.

Many times, the band gets a bit more punked-up, but Trouble keeps the vocal melodies fairly smooth, which gives the music a bit more impact than it might carry if a more aggressive vocalist were at the helm. Ultimately, what you have here is a very well put together, slickly produced disc of stereotypically patterned and manufactured pop punk. Good time feelings abound in the groove of “The Rise And Fall Of Erica Vallejo” that makes the cut sound a little less tragic than the band likely intended it to be.

Nonetheless, Dexter Danger do a good job of delivering the goods on songs like “Trainwreck” and “System Overload.” If Simple Plan were a bit more wholesome they would be making music like this. “Alta Mesa Drive” is Warped Tour all the way, well performed and memorable, yet just Berkley enough to have the tension many associate with this type of material.

All in all, “Hellafornia” is a good exercise in ear-catching, listener friendly, college student-oriented pop punk, but they’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here.

Review by: EF

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