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Korn album cover   Band Name: Korn
Album Name: See You On The Other Side
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Label: Virgin Records
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01. Twisted Transistor
02. Politics
03. Hypocrites
04. Souvenir Of Sadness
05. 2-Way
06. Throw me Away
07. Love Song
08. Open Up
09. Coming Undone
10. Getting Off
11. Liar
12. For No One
13. I've Seen It All
14. Saturated Lonelieness (Tearjerker)

For a long while, the media and a good many fans had hailed Korn as a group that would reach Metallica-like proportions, but after a couple of simply fair albums, it seemed that the band may turn into a so-called nu-metal footnote in the annals of heavy metal history. Those metalheads that dismiss Korn as being simply a nu-metal band or as not being metal at all probably aren't ever going to like Korn, no matter what the band comes up with. But more often than not, it is the same people that complain that bands sound unoriginal or contribute nothing new to the art form that disrespect bands like Korn. It's a double standard that doesn't hold much water as bands that are trendsetters must push the limitations and boundaries of traditional genres in order to be considered as being wholly original to begin with. Korn is a band that has refused to follow trends, instead being the forerunners of creating music that is as original and unique as any other artist in the scene. When you hear Korn, you know it's Korn and even though the band continues to experiment with different techniques and musical approaches, the base of their overall sound remains wholly intact here on 'See You On The Other Side', an album that is perhaps the definitive representation of artistic expression from a band that seems to be revitalized and once again hungry to prove that they are in fact, one of the most noteworthy bands in the world today.

Seasoned songwriting maturity is evident throughout this record, as the group melds a mixed bag of influences ranging from metal and hip-hop to seventies-era song structures in order to fashion an articulate sound that transcends pre-conceived notions. Gone are the befuddled elements that made records such as 'Untouchables' and 'Take A Look In The Mirror' appear so unsure and musically confused. Korn display a focus on tracks like 'Love Song' and '10 Or A 2-Way' that their past material lacked, all the while portraying a sonic presence that is unlike any other artist. The uniqueness inherent in their songwriting continues to be spurred on by the distinct aura Jonathan Davis emanates. Coupled with the instantly recognizable sub-sonic rumblings of Fieldy, the twisted six-string manipulations of Munky and the complex, seriously underrated stickwork of David Silvera, songs such as 'Open Up' and 'Politics' seethe with dark emotion, all the while placing a spotlight upon the band's patented style of harmonic underpinnings. Lead single 'Twisted Transistor' can be said to be one of the more accessible tracks that you will uncover here, while 'Coming Undone' is powered by a big rock beat that can be likened to Queen. Both of these tracks are of the type that long-time followers of the band will find to be appealing, displaying attributes that are commonly associated with the most well recognized tracks the band has ever written.

Essentially, there's not one filler track to be found on 'See You On The Other Side', those that enjoyed the band's first two albums will instantly connect with songs like 'Getting Off' 'For No One' and 'Hypocrites' and 'Seen It All' draws a direct lineage to the group's 'Issues' record. Most importantly, the band incorporates enough new twists and turns to keep these songs from sounding like a heard-it-all before replay, giving listeners what they want without becoming redundant.

A change in label and lineup has only served to strengthen this almighty group and this record stands as liberal evidence that Korn are currently at the top of their game. If you weren't enticed by the group's music in the past, it is unlikely that this record is going to change your mind, but for those die-hard followers of the group, this record makes for an extremely welcome and excellent piece of entertainment, indeed.

Review by: EF

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