Rigor Sardonicous Album Review

Rigor Sardonicous album cover   Band Name: Rigor Sardonicous
Album Name: Apocalypsis Damnare
Rating: 3 / 5       User Rating: 0 / 5
Label: Paragon records
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Music for those that think attending a funeral is a really fun night on the town; Paragon Records brings you a reissue of what may be one of the most brilliantly depressing platters of doom you'll ever hear in Rigor Sardonicous' 'Apocalypsis Damnare.' The album gets going with 'Exordium', a sorrow filled organ piece, while the title track brings you buzzing, detuned, meandering doom powered by a molasses paced beat. Provided by drummer '?!' (somebody doesn't want you to know who they are, apparently). This is an album that is an exercise in the plodding sounds of the abyss, with vocalist Joe Fogarazzo sounding like the devil on downers as he emanates bowel rupturing growls atop a beat that is slow, thunderous and enjoyably dreadful.

The sounds here are quite experimental in nature, and it times the beats are so damn slow you might think the song will start attracting flies. There's quite a bit of a percussive element here as well, with the unknown drummer adding bizarre accents and mechanical sounding hits into the soup of 'Human Rot.' Ultimately, this album makes one feel as if they're trapped inside the stomach of Satan, being slowly digested as the horned god finds yet another way to consume your soul. Fans of funeral doom should give this one a listen, undoubtedly.

Review by: EF

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