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Buckethead album cover   Band Name: Buckethead
Album Name: Enter The Chicken
Rating: 4 / 5       User Rating: 0 / 5
Label: Serjical Strike Records
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1. Intro
2. We Are One
3. Botnus
4. Three Fingers
5. Running From The Light
6. Coma
7. Waiting Hare
8. Interlude
9. Funbus
10. The Hand
11. Nottingham Lace

A journey to Bucketheadland is always a fascinating adventure, filled with spooky mystery, giant robots and other bizarre attractions. The park's latest ride is 'Enter The Chicken.' Be careful of rumors of System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian launching a permanent solo career when you approach 'We Are One', a portion of the ride that park visitors might also identify with recent Showtime series Masters Of Horror. One of the more interesting amusements you'll find during your stay is the 'Botnus', a creature that features the voice of Death By Stereo participant Efrem Schulz.' 'Botnus' may scare younger visitors, as it is very aggressive when disturbed.

Check out the loop-de-loop 'Three Fingers', it's a hip-hopped slunkfest that you will have a difficult time forgetting. With Saul Williams administrating the operation of the ride, you'll enjoy its herky-jerky motion and eventual smooth landing. Since Buckethead only desires to be associated with the finest of poultry, he personally selected Maura Davis and Gigi to cluck up the R&B/power rock 'Running From The Light' which is a rollercoaster of soulful emotion that was seldom seen around the park during the days when 'Monsters And Robots' was the main attraction.

Serj Tankian lends architectural advice and even pops his head in during the dreamy 'Coma' and oh-too-groovy 'Waiting Hare.' Frequent park visitors may notice a change in décor, but will also recognize the commitment to quality that Bucketheadland has been well known for. Strap on your spurs for a brief interlude before launching into 'Funbus', a Weird Al on death metal joyride or perhaps instead, indulge in the highly distorted, manic haunted house called 'The Hand.' Buckethead keeps animals in his park. Some of them may bite you if you try to get close to them.

The only part of the attraction that does not include singing, 'Nottingham Lace', shows Buckethead to continue to be one of the pre-eminent guitar handlers in all of heavy metal. Do not taunt the park keeper with questions about Guns N' Roses, he is tired of hearing the requests.

Review by: EF

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