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Flyleaf album cover   Band Name: Flyleaf
Album Name: Flyleaf
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Label: Octone Records
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01. Im So sick
02. Fully Alive
03. Perfect
04. Cassie
05. Sorrow
06. I'm Sorry
07. All Around Me
08. Red Sam
09. There For You
10. Breathe Today
11. So I Thought

A mean sounding, distorted rumble ushers in 'I'm So Sick', as singer Lacey Mosley erupts with a violent scream that reminds the listener of the type of vocal aggressiveness portrayed by OTEP, but this track is so much more accessible than OTEP in many ways. By the time you dig deep into the hook, you'll have the impression that you're listening to Avril Lavigne's evil alter-ego as the band tear through a puissant, grungy rhythm. Vocally, this is easily the most aggressive track, by leaps and bounds. The music of Flyleaf is both intensely melodic as well as being hard-hitting. The type of energy displayed during 'Fully Alive' comes off as being visceral, yet commercially appealing as well, with this track's ear-catching harmonies flowing like a raging river of sound.

Flyleaf go for soaring melodies on 'Cassie', which are emphasized by a very creative musical backdrop. During the track's bridge, the band makes a foray into spacey modern rock, providing an especially interesting dynamic that makes the song that much more commanding when the hook storms back in. Excellent production values give tracks like the rough-edged rock rave-up 'Perfect' and the vibrant, low-slung 'I'm Sorry' a reckless underscoring, while all instruments resonate with an appropriate level of intensity, be they clean or distorted. Mosley is a more than capable siren, and when she takes occasion to show a more sensitive side on the ringing 'All Around Me', she shows that her technical ability as a singer is as tremendous when delivering a heartfelt refrain as it is when she steps over the edge and loses control.

There are certainly a few hits to be found here, but although Flyleaf comes off as a song-oriented act, the entire record remains rock-solid for its duration. Those that expected big things from this band upon the release of their teaser EP will no doubt be highly satisfied with this overtly impressive effort. With much to explore in terms of songwriting dynamics as well as in the band's patently intense performances, this self-titled record is a sure-fire pick for those fans that enjoy superfluously emotive, edgy hard rock.

Review by: EF

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