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Graveworm album cover   Band Name: Graveworm
Album Name: Collateral Defect
Rating: 1.5 / 5       User Rating: 0 / 5
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
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1. Reflections
2. Bloodwork
3. Touch of Hate
4. Suicide Code
5. The Day I Die
6. Fragile Side
7. I Need a Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover)
8. Out of Clouds
9. Scars of Sorrow
10. Memories

Graveworm made a considerable impression on me when I first heard their "As the Angels Reach the Beauty" album. They established themselves as one of the greatest symphonic black metal bands in my book with their majestic riffs, excellent song writing and fantastic vocals. Over the years they unfortunately took a turn for the worse, and each album they released since then has exponentially grown worse.

Fast-forward 8 years, and here we have their 2007 release "Collateral Defect", which I'm sure disappointed long-term Graveworm fans even further around the globe. This is no longer the fantastic symphonic black metal band I once knew, it is almost like they caught the same mainstream plague that rots Dimmu Borgir. Graveworm somehow lost all of their song-writing ability, and all tracks on this album reek of amateurism. Chug-a-lug riffs, unimaginative use of synths, and "As I Lay Daying-esque" rhythms infest this album. All of the songs are simple and predictable with "verse / chorus / verse" structures, and they sound as if they were written for the brain-dead goth/hardcore monkeys who attend Ozzfest.

Not to mention they actually had the nerve to feature some hardcore guest vocalist on "Fragile Side". I refuse to research who this bastard is but basically he sounds like the vocalist from "Everytime I Die". Yes, it is that ridiculous.

This is basically the shitty sequel to "(N)utopia", and it's almost as unlistenable as Cradle of Filth. Overall if you appreciate the older Graveworm material and genuine symphonic black metal, don't bother with this at all or you will be sorely disappointed. If you want to invest in 'gothcore nu-black metal' shit, then be my guest and waste your money on this filth.

Review by: BKaz

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