Get Added

The Gauntlet was started in 1996 to bring up and promote underground metal acts. In 1999 we expanded to include all metal although still focus our efforts on promoting unsigned acts. The site receives over 28,000 unique visitors daily.

We have implemented a new system for getting bands added to The Gauntlet and it's other sites. This will allow us to get everyone who is serious about getting added to our sites for promotion and streaming music sales. As of Nov 1, 2010, we are no longer accepting presskits. We were getting 15-20 a day and only had time to get to 1-3 a day which wasn't fair to you. The Gauntlet has moved it's backend database to Metal Carnage. Everything is can now be added by you and your fans, like tour dates, albums, band member changes, albums, CD reviews and more. This also allows your band to be added almost instantly without the cost of sending us anything. Create an account here, login, and get added to both The Gauntlet and Metal Carnage in minutes.

If you are interested in selling your mp3's through The Gauntlet MP3 Shop online music store and making .50 for each song downloaded, fill out the submission form.